The voice of Africa's Future.

Next Generation of High Impact Leaders Africa which is an asset of Inspired Leadership Group is a  community of the most passionate and excellent leaders who are enthusiastic about developing and creating an impact into the lives of 30 million lives for Africa and the Global Community by 5000 days.

NGHILA is a gathering for people who:
1. Believes in and share in our vision of creating an impact and transforming the lives of 30 million people for Africa and the Global Community
2. Wants to play an excellent role in the vision (or already do at the moment)
3. Wants to build their own network in a meaningful and purposeful way with other leaders and partner with us in this journey
4. To build the gap of the information of men being better than girls with likewise by making sure everyone are equal and are able to contribute to development of the society.
5. Want to develop new skills as leaders benefitting from leadership development programmes themselves in order to use it to create an impact within the African Continent and the Global Community
We believe that an excellent sustainable communities are built around for a common purpose one is bigger than any one person in that community in 2035 we look back to see and ensure NGHILA is the glue that brought together key players who will reshape the leadership of the global community. The
mission ahead of us is challenging, undertaking and thrilling. We hope you will join us in this higher calling for the purpose of the future.

Our Mission
Our mission is to create a place which is convening for people who want to play a sustainable role into the lives of the citizens living on the continent and the Global Community
Our Vision
To transform and create an impact across different various sectors into the lives of 30 million people in 5000 days
Our Core Values
At the Next Generation of High Impact Leaders Africa. Our core values guiding the principles of the organization are as follows: Excellence. Passion Honesty Chivalry

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