Hello Africa, Good evening and how are you all today? I am majorly passing this message to the Next Generation of African Leaders who are on the continent and in the Diaspora currently on what they need to know currently as they are proceeding in their every day journey as they are heading to the future.

I will like to pass as a message as you progress in your everyday life into the future as we work towards lightening up the African Continent which is focused on discovering yourself and activities that are around you. We need to firstly understand that Africa is blessed with a lot of resources and goals towards building the continent that we desire for ourselves as we go into the future but not able to produce the right leaders who will be able to develop the entire continent and we as youths our mindset has lost a lot of things towards developing the continent and ourselves.

We can only lightening our continent when we are able to understand ourselves firstly as a Human Being and what kind of Africa we desire for the future which I will like to advise all youths and Next Generation of African Leaders that: Take time to ask yourself who you are, What is my goal in life, What is my passion for the African Continent and what kind of Africa am I looking towards to see as we proceed into the Future. I believe by this we will go a long way in discovering our growth and passion for the continent. Many Africans has lost hope when it comes to building the continent at several point in life but today I am using this message to pass to you that don’t loose hope no matter the challenges that you might be passing through as a person towards progressing to the next stage in life.

Secondly As an African, Please ask yourself what kind of leaders are we looking towards to elect in office to rule us in our respective countries during elections across our respective countries, how well are we following the electoral procedures and guidelines of the respective countries and what are we expected to achieve from them as this are the people who are given representation of our country across the continent and the international community.

Thirdly, Africans ask yourself by thinking do you have your goals that you desire to achieve in life as a person and what plans are you making towards achieving those goals in life as I will like you all to remember that your actions on a daily are part of the plans that will help towards lightening the African Continent from the darkness that we call Africa to be today.

Fourthly, we need to understand the fact that we will always have enemies around us especially those that might be having the mindset of working towards enlightening the Africa we want to see in the future as we proceed on our journey every single day with the fact that we need to understand the kind of friends that are around us every single day, the attitude and the kind of things that they say to us every single day as we proceed on our journey.

Remember, to be a decision maker as you proceed into the journey into the future as you own your life and no one will own it for you. Whatever you choose to do please let it come as a means of a decision of your own and don’t allow other people to do it for you or them deciding the kind of live that they will choose for you to live as a person.

Finally lets all remember that if we are going to enlighten Africa we need to understand that as a person you can only enlighten Africa when you are able to enlighten yourself through what you do every single day of your life to yourself and people who are around you as an inspiration to make Africa Lightening up as we proceed into the future.

Always remember that, Great people are built from what we do and how we react to things within ourselves and around us. Strong people are those who are able to follow their passion and heart by doing what you love doing best and not following other people decisions because of who they are. The move towards lightening the Africa we want to see in the future depends on our mindset and our systematical approach towards the activities that are taken place around us always.

I wish you all the best as you pursue your dreams towards the future but in summary we can only lightening up our continent that we desire in the future when we are able to understand who exactly we are and what are our goals and passion for the Africa that we want to see.

One quote you must remember as you proceed into the future is that

 “The Courage of Hope and Determination will help great legends to build the journey that they desire into a brighter future”

 My hope is that you see a bright future coming for the African Continent as I can see something great is already taken place across the community as we all must work together to ensure we are able to keep it going,

Thank you

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