About Inspired Leadership Xcelerator

Inspired Leadership Xcelerator which is an asset of Inspired Leadership Group and was also founded on the 14th October 2019 is an educative platform and an educative organization which is aimed in transforming the future entrepreneurs and managers into the leaders that they desire to be in the future. Its main goal is to produce 30 million leaders who are able to create a change on the African Continent and the Global Community in 5000 days using the available resources that is being found and located around them.

Vision of Inspired Leadership Xcelerator:
Our vision is to be recognized as the best and most excellent educative organization that has been able to produce all the required educative aspect that will lead to the change that we all desire to see by the end of 2060 in the world.

Why Inspired Leadership Xcelerator ?
At ILX We are unlocking the potential of people that will help grow the future of the African Continent and Global Community. We are transforming Africa by developing the next generation of Managers and Future Entrepreneurs by unlocking the world largest workforce of the future..
Mission of Inspired Leadership Xcelerator
Our mission is to give a total inexculsive educational programme for future managers and entrepreneurs to be able to create the impact and transformation that they desire to achieve through their full potential in order to transform the continent and global community as a whole.
Our Core Values
At ILX we believe in the following core values which we are using to focus on the transformation of the African Continent are as follows below: Integrity Honesty Chivalry Excellence Trust

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