Inspired Leadership Entrepreneurs

Inspired Leadership Entrepreneurs is an asset of the Inspired Leadership Group which was founded on the 14th October 2019. It is a body that is currently working towards addressing the issues and challenges faced by the entrepreneurs and passionate change makers in terms of addressing the issues of unemployment and other related activities in the society. We are committed in reducing the rate of unemployment and we are working on how we can support of 2000 entrepreneurs every year on a scale of $200 Billion for the next twenty years.


Why The Inspired Leadership Group
ILE, We have identified the need of the purpose of creating jobs across the society by ensuring that everyone is giving the space to be able to unleash the potential that is in them that will help them in the development and transformation of the African Continent as well as the International Community.

Our Mission
The main mission of the Inspired Leadership Entrepreneurs is to be able to address the issue of unemployment and provide the necessary solutions that will aid and promote the development of the African Continent and support the International community as we proceed into the future
Our Vision
Inspired Leadership Entrepreneurs vision is to be able to have created 1 million jobs every year for the next 13 years and also for the organization to be known as the largest entrepreneur’s network by the end of 2060.
Our Core Values
At the Inspired Leadership Entrepreneurs some of the design core values by the management guiding the policy of the organization are: Patriotism, Loyalty, Chivalry, Unity, and Excellence.

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