Africa is faced with so many challenges at the moment.  We have taken time as a board to look at ways of how we can take solutions to the challenges we are facing especially with our plan to make sure that we are able to reduce the rate of poverty and unemployment in order to create prosperity in the society within 5000 days starting off with 30 million people.

The Founder/CEO of the Organization Mr. Abdulaleem Anjolaoluwa Ademola-Osinuga has passed through trainings on what to focus on in the development of the African Continent. He has attended International Conferences including United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization Model Pathway Conference that took place in the United States of America in August 2013.

Inspired Leadership Group remains committed towards transforming the lives of Thirty (30) Million people in 5000 days, leaving a legacy on the African Continent and extending hands of support to the International Community after partnering with so many other powerful international bodies by means of creating alliances with them.

Inspired Leadership Group started with a lot of ideas on how to provide solutions to the problems faced on the African Continent based on my experience in leadership and use of technology. It had no capital funds to start with but with the support of my lovely parents they were able to provide the funds of about $500 approximately which was used in starting the business plan. I started the Inspired Leadership Group at home on the 1st October 2016 and came up with a plan strictly based on daily outlooks and videos focusing on the issues facing my country, continent and the Whole World. and ideas from my mentors in different sectors  such as Tony Elumelu (CEO, Tony Elumelu Foundation), Mrs. Dele Tejuoso (Founder, Wi-Fi Combat Academy), Mrs. Toun Disu (Founder, Perfect Etiquette Academy) and Miss Grace Ihejimaziu (CEO, Opportunity Desk).

My highlights from starting the business was that one needs to identify the right people that will help you develop the right skills and the mindset on how to move your business forward. One also need to understand the kind of people that one will be dealing with when one  talks  about leaving a legacy in the lives of people in the society one needs to know their needs in both short and long terms as well as what solution the world is looking for to address the many challenges. A good example is how to create or generate or make more people to embrace entrepreneurship and how government, organizations and firm’s can support such initiative.

I started Inspired Leadership Group based on my passion towards developing and transforming the African Continent especially starting with my country Nigeria and also to change the narrative and perception of the International Community of Africans.

When we commenced the Inspired Leadership Group, I noticed around December 2018 that if we are really going to be taken serious towards creating the change we need on the continent and in the International Community, we need to develop a maximum of Four (4) Leadership Eco System that will take different aspects of the goals of the organization. So we analyzed this and the following year January 2019 we were able to develop the Four (4) Eco Leadership System all focused on the development of the  continent in 5000 days. These four (4) Leadership ecosystems are;

  1. Inspired Leadership Xcelerator (ILX) which focuses on Education.
  2. Inspired Leadership Entrepreneurs (ILE) which focuses on Employment.
  • Leadership Group Assets (LGA) which focuses on funding/finance.
  1. Next Generation of High Impact Leaders Africa (NGHILA) which focuses on change makers.

Inspired Leadership Group as an organization consist of people from diverse cultures across the society.  You must also know that the organization has been named the Most Powerful Organization in Africa by the World Humanitarian Network.

We have over a hundred (100) Volunteers playing different roles and working tirelessly towards achieving our goals.

Thank you.


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