About Us

Inspired Leadership Group which is founded and developed on the 1st October 2019 by Anjola Ademola-Osinuga is an organization and an external body which is focusing on the Development and Growth of the African Continent on an international level. The main goal and mission is to create an impact into the lives of 30 million Africans by 2060 with the focus of 5000 days using the services offered and the incoming designed curriculum to be built for the organization purpose. Our philanthropy investment is focused on using a maximum of $300 Billion Dollars in transforming the entire global community in their respective sector.

Our Mission
Our mission is to use all our available resources to impact and transform the lives of people across different sectors within the African Continent and International Community in order for them to be able to also recognize their full potential of what they desire to achieve in life
Our Vision
Our vision at the Inspired Leadership Group is to be recognized as the best and most excellent organization in the world by the end of 2060 within our different sectors through the recommendation that will be coming from different people globally
Our Core Values
At Inspired Leadership Group, Our core values which have been developed based on the guiding rules and principles of the organization are: Honesty, Chivalry, Patriotism, Obedience, Truth, Integrity and Excellence

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